18th March 2019

Top Tips on how to keep your sweet tooth under control!

OK so there are only a few of us, perhaps the lucky few that don’t have a sweet tooth! 

That NEED to have something sweet and satisfying after your savoury food or indeed before your savoury food! The evenings where you crave something sweet. The moments of stress when all you want to do is grab a chocolate bar or 2 or 3 for comfort! Then there are those yummy cakes and muffins on offer at coffee shops. Even getting petrol or food shopping becomes a challenge as you try to avoid eyeing up the ‘naughty’ treats on offer at the counter. 

So what do we do to help us to stop devouring these delights? Here are my top tips that help me, most of the time!

* Eat a well-balanced and varied diet, including plenty of flavoursome and wholesome foods. 

* Don’t skip meals. This will leave you wanting to eat everything in sight! 

* Be aware of the foods you love and don’t deny yourself of these. All in moderation of course! 

* If you love chocolate, try eating dark instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less calories and has more health benefits. Go for 85% or above. 

* Don’t do your weekly food shop hungry!

* Keep well hydrated. Thirst is often confused with the feeling of hunger.

* Treat yourself once a week to what you fancy. Enjoy it and don’t feel bad. 

* Make yourself some healthy treats and snacks. Keep a stock of them in your fridge so when those evening munchies attack you have a go to healthy snack. Check out my recipe ebook for some simple recipes. 

* Prepare your food in advance. Being at work or out for the day with no food will more often than not lead you to a vending machine or grabbing unhealthy foods. 

* Sugar is reported to be hugely addictive so please don’t beat yourself up over your sugar cravings! 

Remember small and consistent changes over time are far more effective than short lived extreme ones. 

Much Love and Health,

Kelly Sephton