4th July 2019

3 Exercises For a Quick & Effective Ab Workout

All you need is a mat and a step or bench!

Always warm up and cool down the body before any form of exercise. Gentle cardio and stretches will do the trick.

Work to your own ability, but push yourself enough to feel the amazing benefits.

For every exercise be mindful of good posture, keep the core turned on and remember to breathe!

Exercise 1:
V Sit Up
30-45 seconds continuous work
3 sets
30 seconds rest between sets
Laying stretched out on your back contract your abdominal muscles and lift your legs up to an extended position. As you bend your knees in towards your body simultaneously lift extended arms up and over body to reach for shins. Return to starting position and repeat.

Exercise 2:
Flutter Kicks
30-45 seconds continuous work
3 sets
Lay down on your back. Press lower back into floor as much as possible and hold the core in tight through the belly button. Keep your arms by your side. Bend the knees slightly and lift your legs up so that your heels are about 4-6 inches off the ground. Individually lift and lower legs slightly in a slow controlled movement, don’t allow the feet to touch the floor until set is complete.

Exercise 3:
Mountain Climbers
30-45 seconds continuous work
3 sets
Start in plank position, hands can be on the floor or raised up on a box or step. Bend one knee into your chest at pace but with control whilst squeezing through the abs, return leg to starting position and repeat movement with other leg. 
Continue to switch legs simultaneously so that you are using a running like motion.

If you try out this core circuit remember to share your progress and feedback with me on socials! #sweatwithsephton


Much Love and Health,

Kelly x