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Period Proof Underwear

29th December 2019

I have always suffered with very heavy, irregular and unpredictable periods since my first day of secondary school. As my teenage years went on I suffered more and more with symptoms of pain, fatigue, bloating and nausea which all seemed to relate to my monthlys. I was back and forth to the doctors as it […]

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What is the Most Effective Form of Cardio for Weight Loss?

17th July 2019

Many people are asking, “what exercise should I do to lose weight/burn fat?” This, believe it or not, is a complex question. The type of cardio you chose to do depends on your current state of health, the time you have and your long term goal. So what is the most effective form of cardio […]

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3 Exercises For a Quick & Effective Ab Workout

4th July 2019

All you need is a mat and a step or bench! Always warm up and cool down the body before any form of exercise. Gentle cardio and stretches will do the trick. Work to your own ability, but push yourself enough to feel the amazing benefits. For every exercise be mindful of good posture, keep […]

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