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My passion for health and nutrition truly began when I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in my early twenties. I was advised to stop training and to have life changing surgery, I turned this down and instead opted for the natural approach as much as possible to bring my condition under control.

This led me to years of research and trial and error with my personal nutrition. I realised quickly the effect that food has on our bodies. Not just externally but internally too. Fuelling my body correctly with nutritious foods made me feel generally better from one day to the next. This journey led me to wanting to push myself to the max and get up on stage and compete in fitness competitions. After winning my first comp, I was hooked! I proudly earned my WBFF Pro Card in Denmark in 2015 and went on to compete in the World Championships in Las Vegas.

Within this time I also qualified as a personal trainer and have coached and continue to coach many amazing clients. I furthered my knowledge still and qualified as a Master Trainer and Nutrition and Lifestyle coach. I love sharing my knowledge with my clients and followers, witnessing individuals’ lifestyles improve through simple changes is very rewarding for me. My personal experience with Endometriosis and becoming so in touch with my own body has led me to specialise in helping women, I feel this is my purpose and turns my condition into a positive for me.

This journey has also led to my brand “Kelly’s Kitchen” being born! I have always had a love for baking and now combine that love with my passion of healthy eating by creating healthier versions of everyone’s favourite sweet treats!

For me it’s all about a balanced combination of nutritious food, exercise, lifestyle changes and a positive mindset to aid with personal growth and wellbeing and this is the vision I wish to share with you all.

Much Love and Health,

Kelly Sephton

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