The secret to weight loss!

The majority of us are always wanting to be that little bit slimmer or lose that last 1/2 a stone of weight. Well what’s the answer? I would love to say there is a magic potion but unfortunately there is not! It simply comes down to consistent healthy eating and staying active.

But what is healthy eating? It can be so confusing with many food products claiming to be healthy then you check out the sugar content on the label and it’s through the roof! So there’s your first tip, always check the nutritional information on the foods packaging before munching away on its contents. Very generally an adults recommended daily intake is as follows:

Calories 2000 kcal
Protein 45g
Carbohydrates 230g
Sugars 90g
Fat 70g

Calories 2500 kcal
Protein 55g
Carbohydrates 300g
Sugars 120g
Fat 95g

If you are looking to reduce your body fat then these numbers need to be decreased and your energy expenditure increased. This needs to be done consistently to obtain results.

We need to also be aware of WHAT we are putting into our bodies. It’s all very well sticking to our daily intake targets but if this is with non nutritional food then our results will be limited and our health at risk. So it’s very important to fill our diets with wholesome foods. Plenty of varied vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and good fats. All have their benefits for our bodies and are equally as important to be included daily.

My ebook Kellys Kitchen is full of simple and nutritious meal and snack ideas suitable for anyone wanting to stick to a healthy diet.

Remember results won’t happen overnight so stick to the plan, be consistent, healthy and active!

With love and health,
Kelly Sephton