Benefits of Hot Yoga

Great for detoxification. The heated room encourages your body to sweat rather excessively which is said to release toxins from the body.

Because of the heat of the room the body has to work harder when moving which forces the cardiovascular system to work.

Exercising in that heat also helps the body to relax, which in turn improves your healing. This can help with conditions such as asthma, a condition I suffer with.

Helps to develop strength, flexibility and tone throughout your whole body. This is important for everyone!

Not only does hot yoga relax the body, it also relaxes the mind, this is very important to help maintain your mental health.

If you do participate in a hot yoga class remember to take a large towel (you will sweat, a LOT!) and a large bottle of water to help you to stay well hydrated.

Much love and health,
Kelly Sephton