It’s a sad rule of thumb that the things we like best are often the foods that are most harmful to us.
This is equally true when certain foods cause inflammation to some people.
Here is a list of some of the food groups and items most likely to provoke an undesired reaction.


Dairy Products
Oh dear, cheese, cream, milk…who doesn’t love them? But this is one of the worst food groups for inflammatory reactions. Incredibly, it is estimated that three out of five people have difficulty digesting milk. Associated problems can include everything from breathing difficulties to constipation. Other stomach disorders include diarrhoea and IBS, plus some unfortunate people see skin conditions, such as rashes and acne develop.

Dairy products cause their problem by fooling the immune system to go into overdrive. Even joint pain is thought to have a potential link to our consumption of milk based products.


Red Meat
Allergic reactions to red meat develop because the body develops antibodies to fight a molecule that exists in the meat but not in our bodies. Symptoms tend to be low grade, but their persistence can lead to greater problems in the future.

Processed meats are potentially even more dangerous, with links found to cancer, especially of the colon and rectum.


Of course, we associate sugars most with obesity and all the associated difficulties this brings. There is an addictive quality to sugar, and we have to train ourselves to reduce intake. Since it is a staple of most processed foods and drinks, this can be hard to manage. Sugar is one to miss if you want to avoid nasties such as type two diabetes, increased susceptibility to ADHD, joint pain and tooth decay.

Too much sugar in our system (creating a high glycemic index) impedes digestion and suppresses the immune system.


Trans Fats
Found in deep fried foods, fast foods and some margarines and oils, these dangerous types lower good cholesterol whilst raising the bad version, leading to obesity, insulin resistance and inflammatory conditions.

One of the main reasons behind people getting bad reactions to trans fats is that they promote indigestion. If food remains in the gut, it releases poisons which are absorbed into the body, causing the reaction.


Or more precisely, the refined grains that are used to make this staple. Short term reactions can include symptoms such as IBS and some skin conditions, but longer-term threats exist, with links being made to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. One of the problems is that products made using refined grades often also include other unhealthy ingredients such as salt and sugar.

Refined grains cause inflammation because the removal of elements such as the bran germ during the refining process increases the glycemic index of the food, and this can trigger the inflammation.

Much Love and Health,
Kelly Sephton