My Top 5 Supplements

Fish oil in liquid form
Aloe Vera drinking gel
Digestive enzymes
Vitamin D3

Benefits of multivitamins
It can be difficult to get all the vitamins and vitamins our bodies require daily from our food. A good, all round multivitamin helps to top this up.


Benefits of Fish oil
Boosts brain power and memory
Decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis
Great anti ageing properties
Can assist with weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime
Helps to preserve lean muscle


Benefits of Aloe Vera
Excellent for digestion
Helps to detoxify and cleanse our systems
Can improve the condition of your skin and reduce the effects of ageing
Supports the immune system


Benefits of digestive enzymes
Improves digestion in general which means less stomach discomfort, reduction in bloating and gas. Supplementing with digestive enzymes assists our bodies in breaking down food particles more effectively. This allows our body to use our food as energy with ease and allows absorption of more vitamins and minerals from our foods.


Benefits of vitamin D3
First and foremost it is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous which is important for the health of our teeth and bones. This supplement can also be referred to as the sunshine vitamin. Sunlight on our skin provides us with vitamin D, a lack of this can leave us feeling a little down and depressed, boosting our intake of D3 can also naturally boost our mood.


Much love and health,
Kelly Sephton