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Well I’m Kelly Sephton a passionate, health freak who loves everything health and fitness.

However it’s not quite as simple as this as I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 23. I remember the day like it was yesterday (June 2005) that I was told because of the severity of my condition I would not be able to train or work full time.

For anybody that knows me this was extremely saddening news, however I have never been one to listen as I am sure my mum would tell you! Having always led a very active lifestyle, from a young age I was always part of all the sports teams at school and dancing from the age of 2 I just couldn’t imagine my life without being active.

After much research I began eating consistently healthy and varied my food. I felt the benefits of this almost straight away which led me to want to learn more about nutrition, I’m extremely passionate about helping people and transforming their life through simple health and nutritional changes . I also began varying my training and started lifting weights which I absolutely loved, don’t get me wrong I was extremely wary at first and wasn’t 100% convinced whether I would enjoy this style of training.

Let’s just say the rest is history, as I have now gone on to compete in fitness modelling whilst becoming a WBFF Pro. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge
 and experience within the health and fitness industry. I love to learn and am always experimenting with my body, seeking ultimate vitality.

I hope you enjoy this book and I am certain it will change your health and improve nutrition whilst building a great relationship with food. In case you couldn’t tell food is my first LOVE!

Kelly Sephton
Kelly Sephton
Kelly Sephton
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